Thursday, February 12, 2015

Busy times at a local sett

Last night I left the Trailcam out at a local sett for the first time this year, and I was really pleased with all of the things going on in the footage.

Several Badgers turn up, enjoying the nuts and seed that I had put out. One enjoys a good scratch, and the camera also catches some brief mutual grooming. There's also a short section featuring one of the Badgers backing up the steep hill to the sett dragging along a bundle of dry grass to act as bedding. A Brown Rat appears but scurries away, probably because of the presence of a very healthy looking Red Fox. The Badger in the last section, though, does not look quite so good, being unable to put any weight on what is obviously a very tender front left paw. I think that it's one of last year's cubs.

Paul Swain has been out and about. I love this photo of one of the Little Grebes, or Dabchicks, in the Yarmouth Mill area. On a good day during the winter you can spot 20-30 of these fascinating little birds on the Estuary. If you hear what you think is a little horse whinnying in the background, chances are that this bird is what you're actually hearing!

If you want to get a good idea of what birds are around at the moment, you can go to the British Trust for Ornithology's Bird Track website where you can find the West Wight on the map and then see lists of what local birders are recording. You can even sign up and enter your own sightings!

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