Thursday, January 30, 2014

Red Fox

Yesterday I decided to leave the Trailcam at a new sett. Entering the woodland I came across several tufts of Red Fox fur caught on the lowest strand of the barbed wire fence:

There was no sign of any Badger hair. Further into the wood I came across a sett where there had been a lot of recent digging, resulting in a spoil heap comprising big chunks of chalk. It gives a good indication of the power of the Badgers digging machinery!
On my way home I paused to wait alongside some scrub nearby and was rewarded with the hoped-for Firecrest.

Returning this morning, the Trailcam footage revealed the presence of a Red Fox with no sign of a Badger which I found quite surprising as the weather during the evening was fairly mild. The Fox has a very distinct scar-line across the back of the neck, so I will be looking out for 'Scarneck' over the coming months!


  1. Pretty little creature, I hope you see more of him.

  2. Wow! Great video. You may really hard work for this.
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