Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Red Foxes & Badgers

Yesterday evening I left the Trailcam attached to Patricia's fence overlooking the road in front of her home where she regularly feeds the local Foxes & Badgers. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get the Stoat-like animal which was spotted briefly a few evenings ago, but there was plenty of activity:

By looking closely at the structures of the Foxes tails it can be established that there were 3 present on and off throughout the evening. 'Bushy-tail' and 'Notch-tail' spent quite a bit of time feeding together with 'Ragged-tail' eating separately, the other two probably being dominant. At one point 'Ragged-tail' is seen off by one of the Badgers, though 'Notch-tail' in the next clip seems quite comfortable feeding alongside Brock! The sequence ends with 2 Badgers feeding together.

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