Monday, January 20, 2014

Glaucous Gull

I was standing on the roof of Fort Victoria this morning, enjoying the sunshine, when a large pale gull suddenly flew past and landed next to one of the benches right in front of adult Glaucous Gull....cue excitement! A short while later it flew down onto the shore where it pecked at a dead fish....when I made my way to the beach a few minutes later it was quite confident and even sat down and made itself comfortable for a while before being disturbed by walkers and, eventually, flying off in the direction of Norton Spit. Back in Bedfordshire I only saw these birds distantly, sitting on the water in the evening roost at Stewartby or Brogborough Lake. To have one almost within spitting distance was something special! Here's a bit of video:

On Tuesday morning I was present again on the roof of the Fort, enjoying the sunshine. I wondered if the Glaucous Gull was still around as I panned across the beautiful view. Then I looked down to find the Gull walking along the grass in front of the church - wow! It allowed for an even better bit of video:

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