Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great White Egret update

After being spoilt with some great - but distant - views of the Great White Egret over the last few days, I decided to have a break today and spent some time first thing this morning sea-watching from Colwell Bay in the teeth of a strong westerly wind. A Guillemot and 5 'Commic' Terns (almost certainly Arctics) passing through brought my monthly West Wight list to an encouraging 110 species. This will drop markedly next month - not because of a reduction in the species turning up, but because the promise of sunshine will mean most of my spare time spent surveying the local Hoverfly fauna!

Mid-morning I cycled to Yarmouth along the estuary to catch the bus into Newport for a meeting and, having time for a quick look at Rofford Marsh, was surprised to find the Great White Egret flying across the Marsh. And it only got better! Having procured a lift back I got dropped off at the Thorley turn. I scanned the marsh there, the main interest being a very bright male Yellow Wagtail. Reaching Rofford Marsh I looked over the stile, and found myself staring right at the Great White Egret which was in a stand of reeds about 50m away. Making my way along the hedge, I found a small hole and managed the footage above before the Egret took off and, after a short flight, disappeared deeper into the reeds. I really feel for the birders who have tried, but failed, to see this bird. I really was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time!

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