Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It was just before 6pm and I was just tidying up ready for Carole's arrival back from work when I looked on Facebook and came across Paul's Avocet at Yarmouth! Just after 7.30am, Carole had dropped me off in Yarmouth on her way to work in Newport - a walk back home along the Estuary is just the best way to begin the day. I counted 409 Teal and 123 Wigeon......but no Avocet! I didn't know where & when Paul had seen it and reckoned it would have probably flown on by there was a cold biting wind blowing....I was still recovering from one of the worst migraines I've ever had yesterday....and I had not slept for more than a few hours last night...but I had to go for this one as it was a possible patch first (unlike the Bluethroat on the other side of the island that has been sending everyone into raptures and which I haven't made the effort to see!).

Was it worth it? The video is not great quality vision- or sound-wise....but it's an Avocet! :-)

A flock of Linnets & a Woodcock on the way home brought me past 75 species for the month. I shall sleep this evening!


  1. The last time I saw Avocets was in Aldeburgh, there were lots there!

  2. I'm hoping there will come a day before too long when there are good numbers here, too! :-)