Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Searching for the local Otter II

Much as I'd love to be able to say that I managed to get some footage of the local Otter during our break in Suffolk last week it didn't happen....and I confess to being a bit surprised because the bridge was obviously so well used, though I know that dog Otters can patrol really long stretches of river and visit some areas more infrequently. Below is the set up with the trailcam set on a baited area alongside the wall of the bridge.
The fish that Carole gave me turned out to be smoked Mackerel. I pegged the pieces down and added a tin of salmon cat food....and a couple of apples just to vary the food!
I consoled myself by watching, once more, my video clips from the River Ouse in Bedfordshire last April as I followed an Otter downstream for an hour or so early one morning!


  1. The great pleasure to watch such a wonderful animal.

  2. It's been my favourite animal every since I was a small child - surely we'll get a regular one here at some point??!!