Saturday, March 2, 2013

Foxes & Badgers

We're off to Suffolk for a week's holiday tomorrow (via an Amy MacDonald concert at the London Palladium), leaving John in charge of the fort. We'll be staying at Kersey, a beautiful little village, and I'll be hoping to catch up with a few different mammal species.

In the meantime, here's a bit of footage from yesterday evening at Sett C.

Firstly, a couple of Red Foxes. Note the first Fox, a very confident male that scentmarks the elder on the right as it moves out of shot. A few minutes later a very shy Fox appears on the scene. Finally the male reappears and spends a bit of time scent-marking the area, both by defaecating and urinating!

I've had a few instances of the 2 Badgers here engaging in mutual or allo-grooming over the last few days. Last night they spent at least 3 minutes doing this without pausing, a few minutes of which can be seen in this sequence:

What I'd really like over the next few days is a bit of nice Otter footage from the local's hoping!

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