Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meadow Pipit

I've been inside & going increasingly stir-crazy over the last few days, so a quick cycle down to Colwell Bay was healing.

There's always something to see. Meadow Pipits often don't get a second glance, but I was drawn to this individual foraging on one of the breakwaters. Whatever it is picking from the wood is so small that I can't make out anything!

A low flying plane put up over 160 Brent Geese that flew over my head and settled on the water. Near to shore a Great Crested Grebe was fishing.

This 'Mermaid's Purse' had been washed up onto the beach. The stiff spikes in the corners indicate that it belongs to a species of Ray or Skate, rather than a Dogfish, but I'm not sure how exact one can be in identifying these objects.


  1. It seems to get a small "worm" at one point, worth looking at the breakwater to see what is living in it! I'd say that was a Thornback Ray Case, that is what I have always thought the fat ones with short horns were anyway but not sure where I learned that from so I might be wrong... There must be a key out there somewhere...

    Best wishes Richard

  2. Thanks for that, Richard. I really love recording foraging behaviour with the video camera because it's often allowed me to get a glimpse of what various birds are feeding on! Happy New Year!! :-)