Friday, January 18, 2013

Isle of White!!

When we moved to the Isle of Wight we were told that it very rarely snows, but we've joined much of the UK today with a white blanket across the island under leaden skies. This is the footpath along the estuary...a winter wonderland!!

This Coot was definitely looking bemused, probably wondering what was going on. Here's a video clip with the Coot, together with a confiding Robin I came across on the way to Yarmouth:

When I looked at this video closely, I realised that I've managed to film the Robin ejecting a small pellet. We often associate these pellets, consisting of indigestible matter, with Owls and other large birds, but smaller birds also engage in this behaviour.

Finally, the bird below was swimming about with the tame Mallard Flock by the Old Station. It's got a bit of Mallard in it, but I'm struggling to work out what else!!


  1. That's an interesting duck! It was only recently that I found out about the interbreeding, I know so little about water birds.

    The poor Coot and what a gorgeous Robin.

  2. Interestingly, that little duck was the most aggressive in the 'tame' Mallard flock. I never used to be that interested in ducks, but I'm growing to love them now. They're fascinating creatures!!
    Have a great week!