Thursday, January 3, 2013


This juvenile Buzzard is a regular fixture in the Bramble Chine fields. It's a very light individual. Notice the streaks on the breast, a feature of young birds. In the video below you can see it striding across the field to feed, though I'm a bit stumped as to what it's feeding on. A young Rabbit was feeding in the open a short distance away, but it looks like this youngster was much more interested with invertebrate fare!

I'm getting quite interested in the boats that sail by on this west side of the island, so I'll include a few from time to time. These two were seen from the Fort Victoria viewpoint:
This is the Patricia, a multi-functional tender that works around the coast, particularly with regards to navigation. That yellow object behind the bow is a large buoy, so I reckon it's on its way to position it somewhere in the Channel.

And The City of Chichester steamed by in the opposite direction. It's a trailing suction hopper dredger according to my information.....I guess that means that it's a souped up vaccuum cleaner!

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