Thursday, December 27, 2012

Revisiting the landslip

I revisited the landslip in Totland Bay/Colwell Bay late this afternoon but, this time, from the Colwell Bay side where the structural damage to the sea wall is much less extensive, hardly noticeable in fact. I spoke to one person who watched the Council clearing away a mudslide at this spot on Christmas Eve, so it looks like the big slip happened some time on Christmas Day.

A pair of Ravens are inspecting the mud here.

There was a beautiful sunset over The Needles as I watched.

The video sequence below is not brilliant, but gives an idea of the scene:


  1. Excellent footage,Steve,we hope all will be back 'as normal' soon!

  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for the encouragement. I'm afraid I can't see it getting repaired for some time - the damage on the Totland Pier side is really bad!