Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Following heavy rain over the last few days there has been a dramatic landslip along the promenade at the Totland Bay/Colwell Bay headland (The second bay heading north on the west side of the aerial photo of the West Wight on the blog banner photo). Here's a bit of video footage:

...and here are a few stills from the footage:

As you can see, walking along this section of the promenade is not really very sensible. The sea has undercut the damaged section and washed away a lot of the supporting in-fill, and it could all drop into the sea over the next few days!

Did you notice the dead Razorbill floating past at the start of the sequence?
 It's the first Razorbill I've recorded on the West Wight - shame it's floating and not flying! But I was pleased to record my first Common Scoter, too - a female in Freshwater Bay.

HMC Vigilant was off Fort Victoria...probably deterring any Caulkheads from making escape bids to the mainland! This is the third of 5 cutters operated by the UK Border Agency.

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  1. Quite a scary thing to happen, I hope that no-one was hurt. Shame about the Razorbill being dead.

    Good to see the Border Agency on patrol now that Dad's Army has been disbanded...