Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yahay, I've got the camera back [don't ask how much it cost to fix! :-)]. I cycled to Yarmouth & back this morning, the bird of the day being the Curlew.

At Brambles Chine there were 22 feeding together in the field, the largest count I've managed so far. The video below is not great quality due to their distance away from me, but I thought it was worth getting a record shot!

On the Green at Yarmouth a solitary Curlew was feeding on worms, giving the opportunity for a closer experience. I find it fascinating to witness the way in which the whole bill disappears into the ground from time to time!

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  1. Crikey, I ask about your camera one minute and the next minute you are blogging again! What a coincidence. I really enjoyed the second video, that is an amazingly long bill isn't it? Which Gull was in the foreground? I keep saying that I must get to grips with Gulls but I never do, too much procrastinating I fear. Good to have you back.