Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Gull

I was really pleased when I encountered my first Isle of Wight Little Gull, close to the Freshwater Causeway, first thing this morning. With a really high tide, there were only 3 white 'blobs' on the water and I almost cycled past. But I'm trying to discipline myself to keep looking so I stopped and had a look....and it's a good job that I did! :-)

Its Latin name is Hydrocoloeus minutus and, on the video clip below, you can see just how diminutive it is compared to the Black-headed Gull behind. Indeed, this species has the distinction of being the world's smallest gull.

Small it may be, but it can travel, a juvenile Little Gull ringed in Sweden being found dead on a road in Pennsylvania during its first summer according to an American website.

It took off and looked very tern-like as it bobbed and weaved on its way up the estuary. I didn't re-find it.


  1. Very pretty, it looks as if it is wearing a hood!

  2. Hi Toffeeapple,

    A few weeks ago it would have had a beautiful black hood covering its head,

    Hope you're well,