Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swallows & Amaz....ing Rainbows!

I cycled along the Western Yar estuary first thing this morning and got caught in some pretty impressive rain showers. But it was worth it to see the rainbows in the following sunshine:

I loved this double rainbow. There was a flock of 50 Lapwings flying around, too - it's a shame that they are just out of shot in this photo.

And this is a rainbow looking the other way that was present this evening. I can't remember having seen a rainbow to the west in the morning, and a rainbow to the east in the evening from about the same place on the same day!

The other treat of the day was the hundreds (thousands?) of migrating hirundines feeding over a stubble field. I tried to get a bit of video which can't begin to do justice to this incredible sight:

The vast majority were Swallows, but there were also a number of Sand Martins and I glimpsed at least one House Martin.

And now for something completely different! A False Widow Spider (Steatoda nobilis) that John found on our kitchen sponge this evening! It has the potential of giving a nasty bite with the reputation of being the UK's most venomous spider.....but I haven't told Carole that!


  1. Super rainbow shots but I could have done without the spider one...
    What a privilege to see all those birds!

  2. It certainly is!
    I encountered an even more amazing rainbow today which I'll post later. Best wishes,