Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playful Coypu Cubs!

The animal that I've really wanted to see on the Trailcam is Monsieur le Sanglier....the Wild Boar! I've had a couple of exciting encounters with them during our trips to France over the years but it looks like this holiday is not going to be one of them. I've been told that they are present in the wood behind the village where we're staying and, yesterday evening, I set up the Trailcam on a well-used track, but the only animal recorded was a Beech Marten that briefly ran through the field of view. I was surprised that I didn't record any Roe Deer here, either, having seen two on this track soon after we arrived here.

But I did return to Glenay Bridge at dusk yesterday, and got even more cracking views of the Coypu there...I saw at least 9, most likely 13, comprising 5 adults and 8 cubs.

When a Mallard took off in alarm, the 9 (who had been feeding on vegetation in a meadow) shot into the water with an amazing turn of speed for such an ungainly looking animal - it made quite a splash! Later I watched 3 of the youngsters play-fighting, and one which seemed quite hyper, jumping up and down in the water. They were almost like young Otter cubs! It's certainly behaviour that I hadn't been expecting. Here's a one and a half minute clip: A little while later, another female with 3 cubs swam along the bank underneath where I was standing - there are so many around here and they really put on a show!


  1. Steve,I am enjoying your diary of the Loire Valley,my last visit there in 1976.
    An excellent look at its wildlife.

  2. Thanks, Peter. We've got the long drive (& 2 ferries) back to the IOW tomorrow. We'll miss this place....but we're hoping to visit the Pyrenees next June for a fortnight....getting excited already!! :-)