Saturday, September 8, 2012

Off to France!

Our son, John, is going to hold the fort here while we journey to France this evening for our annual fortnight's holiday. We're off to the Loire, spending a week on an island in the middle of the river at Saumur, and another week about 30 miles to the south-west.

Half the car is packed out with wildlife paraphenalia: insect nets, river nets, small mammal traps, scope & bins, various food items (nuts, seed & dogfood!)....and I could go on! The Trailcam's packed, too, with hopes of Wild Boar and other larger nocturnal mammals. Otters and Beavers would be a bonus.

Bird-wise, I've been researching the area and I'm hoping to catch up with Little Bustard, Montagu's Harrier, Rock Sparrow and various warblers & buntings.

Of course, I will be enjoying spending quality time with Carole exploring the fact, that will be the best thing of all!

I'm really looking forward to it but, having said all that, I'm so enjoying my local patch here along the Western Yar that I can't wait to get back, too...I've really got the best of both worlds!!

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  1. And I have just got back from France, Normandy in fact. Have a good trip.