Friday, September 14, 2012

Beech Marten & Coypu

Yesterday evening I searched along the Thouet River for signs of Beaver. Although it was getting dark - and I didn't have a torch - I thought I had finally found some signs in a channel several hundred metres long at right angles to the river. I set up the camera on a fallen log. This is a photo taken the next morning showing the log on the far bank of the channel:
I'm always excited with the anticipation of seeing what the Trailcam has recorded. No Beavers yesterday evening, but some interesting footage:
The Brown Rat was around on and off for most of the evening. I've started the footage with this individual because it emphasizes just how bit the next rodent is that turns up. It's only a brief sighting as the Coypu - giant by comparison - is spooked and shoots off.

And then there's a fascinating glimpse of a Stone/Beech Marten that jumps down and sniffs where the Brown Rat has been foraging before marking the area and bounding off. Only a rear view, but it highlights that wonderful bushy tail! When collecting the camera this morning I found even more signs of Beaver activity higher up the channel, so I'll set the Trailcam there this evening...and put food that's a bit more enticing down for the Beech Marten!!

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