Sunday, September 23, 2012


We're off back to the UK in an hour or so - just time to post a few clips of a Badger from yesterday evening. I set up the camera on a Badger path in a field next to the bridge at Beaumont:

You can see that he, or she, is quite shy of the light.

At this spot over the last few days I've recorded Wood Mouse, Brown Rat, Water Vole, Coypu, Beech Marten, Brown Hare & Badger. Not bad....but I still can't believe that I've not come across a Red Fox right through the holiday!


  1. I like it. So is this a motion-activated video camera? I use an infrared trail camera to capture stills of racoons for work, but video would be a nice addition.

  2. Hi Declain, yes, it's motion-activated and very simple to set up. I think that most of the trailcams around now have the video option. It's great for recording bits of behaviour that you might otherwise miss,
    Best wishes,