Monday, August 6, 2012

Whale, Wasp & Skimmer!

The undercliff at Whale Chine is a fascinating place, formed of soft cretaceous rocks with the dramatic chalk cliffs of the West Wight in the distance. The erosion of the steep wooden steps to the bottom led to the Council closing the footpath back in 2005. Safe access requires a healthy walk along the beach from further down the coast.

It was here that I caught up with my 35th British dragonfly species - the Keeled Skimmer. It was really difficult to get decent photos or video footage. This female is the best of a bad bunch! I managed to spot half-a-dozen males and several females.

This Wasp Spider has a dramatic livery. The zig-zag pattern on the web is a feature of this species.

According to the Wikipedia entry, Whale Chine is famous for its fossilised Oysters, Lobsters....and Ammonites. This is the biggest fossil that I've ever come across!


  1. Yes,Steve,the Chine is well worth a visit.
    excellent photos.

  2. Thanks, Peter - I saw about 5 males, 3 females & an immature...I shall certainly return some time. I'll need to venture to the New Forest next year for Southern Damselfly!