Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Xanthogramma pedissequum

 This dramatic Xanthogramma pedissequum hoverfly, a female, was one of two nectaring on Hogweed umbels just south of Headon Warren a few days ago, the first time I’ve come across them on this plant.

 The video’s a bit jumpy, but I was pleased to obtain it because I’ve always found this to be a species that is difficult to get close to tending, as it does, to stay low and disappear at a rate of knots on approach! The larvae are regularly found in ants’ nests.

There are some stunning photos of the species here, obtained using a focus stacker.

Following a sweep with the net across the umbels, I found this yellow & black beastie, too. It’s not a hoverfly but a soldierfly: Stratiomys potamida.


  1. Very dramatic indeed! A beautiful little creature. The photos in the link are amazingly clear.

  2. They are amazing photos. Part of me wishes I had the kit to do that...but I'm no good at fiddling and prefer to just point & shoot! :)