Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Wild

This blog seems to be focusing on moths at the moment....but they are so amazingly varied and beautiful. Take some of the individuals that have turned up the last few days:

When I saw this beauty, I assumed that it was a Yellow-tail.....

....but, coaxing it onto my pen (you don't want to handle these beasties!) I discovered that it was the more local Brown-tail, the first time I've had one in the trap.

And, following the arrival of Elephant, Small-elephant and Privet Hawk Moths over the last few weeks, I was excited to be able to add this Poplar Hawk Moth to the list.

And here is the obligatory video clip of this wonderful creature!

Just a few more photos to emphasize the range of size, shape and colour that I'm confronted with first thing every morning. This is the Dark/Grey Dagger - only separable by examining the male genitalia...which is why I was happy to release it! :-)

Bright-line Brown-eye - what a great name! And last, but not least....

Purple Thorn....exquisite!!


  1. Aren't they beautiful? The gulls on your video made me jump!

  2. Those gulls wake my wife, Carole, up at 5am every morning! :-)