Monday, July 16, 2012

Moth Trap - Tuesday morning

Yesterday there were a few interesting moths present in the moth trap:

I thought I’d get a photo of this Herald alongside Richard Lewington’s illustration in the field guide – he’s a superb artist with a real eye for detail. The Latin name –  Scoliopteryx libatrix – makes it sound like something out of Harry Potter! With those colours these moths are really well camouflaged when they find some dead leaves to rest amongst during the day. Herald moths hibernate in cool places during the winter. A few years ago I came across several during a Bat hibernation survey in various ice-houses in Bedfordshire.

 Like moths to a flame’ the saying goes. This moth is called The Flame. It wraps its wings around its body, taking on the appearance of a broken twig.

This is a Bee Moth, so-called because the larvae can be found inside Bee & Wasp nests feeding on the honeycomb.

This tiny soldierfly was also present – it’s a male Black-horned Gem (Microchrysa polita).


  1. I've not seen a Herald before, quite spectacular isn't it?

  2. Hi Steve, Like Toffeeapple, I've never seen a Herald before but what a beauty it is!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog recently, it is much appreciated. I always keep an eye on your blog and enjoy your posts very much. I also took a look at your other blog a few days ago and found it very interesting and thought provoking. I actually copied and pasted the Tchaikovsky quote. As someone who struggles with self motivation I found it very inspirational! :-)

  3. The range of shapes and colours in moths are really quite amazing.

    I like that Tchaikovsky quote, too, SS....and I need to remind myself of its truth, especially when the weather is grey and grim! :-) I was thinking of deleting the blog a few weeks ago, so I'm glad I left it up! I really enjoy your sight - I keep thinking that we'll have to arrange a weekend somewhere, sometime for all of the nature bloggers to meet up!