Monday, June 11, 2012

Wildlife at home

Yesterday evening this Red Fox was feeding on our front lawn while it was still fairly light. Please don't worry about what's being said in the background - it's part of an Inspector Linley episode and not us!

And, just as I was getting ready to go to bed, I found this beauty making its way from the hall to the kitchen! I'm awaiting an identification. I think that it's probably a Mouse Spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli).

Update: The early indications seems to be that it is a species of Drassodes, but maybe not identifiable to species.

And now for some of the most terrible photos you will ever see:

 I found this tiny Glyphipterix species in the net yesterday during a walk in the drizzle through Afton Marsh. I took a quick couple of photos before it flew off. It turns out to be a good decision because this is Glyphipterix forsterella which has only been recorded on the Isle of Wight twice before: in 1974 by moth guru Barry Goater......and a couple of weeks ago by me!! :-) I needed photographic evidence and, terrible though it is, there you are! The white spot at the apex of the wing together with the 2 marks across the wings are good pointers.


  1. That's a fantastic spider - never seen one of those.

  2. Hi Christian...I was a bit nervous when trying to coax it into the pot!