Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pollen delight!

I'm still struggling to upload photographs for some reason, so I'm going to stick to video sequences until I can get it sorted out.

Hoverflies make fascinating subjects, especially when studying feeding behaviour.

Tropidia scita is a hoverfly that is quite abundant at Afton Marsh. Yesterday I noticed that the flowering Yellow Flag was attracting them. Sometimes there were as many as 4 on the same plant at one time!

Another species that has suddenly exploded onto the scene in numbers locally is Meliscaeva auricollis - the arrow like marks on the abdomen are a good pointer to this species. Here is a bit of close up of an individual feeding on the pollen of a Hemlock Water-dropwort plant at the marsh.


  1. Lovely to see them and to hear your bird song.

  2. Brilliant hoverfly videos, Steve. More!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh, Rob! :-) It's all a bit amateur - trying to keep my hand still etc etc! But I'll keep hammering away! Blackbird, chaffinch, wood pigeon....and a helicopter, Toffeeapple! :-)