Friday, May 18, 2012

Yellow Wagtails & a Yellow-jacket

Ever since I arrived here, I've reckoned that the best local spot for migrating Yellow Wagtails would be the Green alongside the carpark at Yarmouth. I was really encouraged to find 2 Yellow Wagtails foraging here first thing this morning after dropping Carole off at the bus stop so that I could have the car for a funeral. The footage is a bit distant, but you can still see just how bright yellow these stunners are!

And here's the 'Yellow-jacket', a queen German Wasp (Vespula germanica) scraping the outer wood from one of last year's Hogweed stems for her nest. The face shows the median bar with the 2 spots very clearly (sometimes there are just 3 spots). The noise in the background is a Water Rail that kept this up for some time. I wonder if I've found the spot where it is nesting?

I set the moth trap up in the garden yesterday evening, but the only contents this morning were a Light Brown Apple Moth & this Hebrew Character.

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