Friday, May 4, 2012

The Weekend Browse

This morning I stood beside the Western Yar estuary and looked out on loads of Swallows passing through, with the odd House Martin & Sand Martin and Swifts flying overhead. An unidentified falcon passed through on the far side before gaining height to cross the Solent...I've no idea what it was: relatively narrow 'sharp' wings and uniformly light-brown upperparts, kestrel-like but seemingly a bit bigger and stronger....if only it had flown by on my side!!

I'm off to London for the weekend first thing tomorrow. The trailcam is placed in the middle of a hedgerow with bait including a tin of chickenmeat dogfood, apple & peanuts. It ought to attract something over the weekend so I can't wait to retrieve it sometime on Monday. I've really enjoyed using the cam and been encouraged by the comments people have placed here, e-mailed or put on my Facebook page. I think I've been very fortunate to get such good footage over the first few weeks and I've got lots of ideas of how to continue to 'push the boundaries' in the future....I could just do with several more! :-)

Here's hoping for some sunshine next week and a subsequent explosion in invertebrate numbers!!

One thing I have been disappointed about is my lack of Water Vole sightings over the last week or so...but things can only get better. In the meantime, here's a fascinating Youtube video of fighting Water Voles which gives a real insight into just how aggressive territorial disputes in the Water Vole world can be!

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  1. I don't envy you having to go to London but I'm sure those lures will attract something to the camera.