Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Moths & unwanted Badger signs!

This beautiful Carpet-like moth was in the trap this morning....trouble is, I can't find out what it is. Hopefully I'll be able to  update this with an identification soon.
Update: Thanks to MoreMoth at iSpot who has identified this as the May Highflyer. It's no wonder I couldn't identify it because this individual is so much more dramatic than the illustrations in the literature that I have. The streaks at the corners of the wings are helpful id features.

This Turnip Moth looks pretty harmless, but its one of a family whose larvae - called cutworms - can be a serious pest of cereals and other crops.

Vine's Rustic...I'll keep uploading photos of this because I want to get this species 'into my head'!

I had my first Isle of Wight Caddis Fly in the trap this morning, too!

So, more good news for the back garden.....the bad news was apparent in the front garden:

Carole's flower pots, with their nice damp soil, made a very attractive dinner setting for Brock the Badger last night! Carole was not pleased!!


  1. What a lot of moths. Such a shame about the pots.

  2. At least they weren't broken! If it happens again the challenge will be making them badger-proof!