Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Moths

11 species in the trap this morning (and, surprisingly, no Cockchafers!).

 I've often seen the Yellow Shell flying about during the day, and it was a bit of a surprise to find one in the moth trap this morning. It's another beautiful moth that is so easily taken for granted. The name comes from the association of the pattern on the wings with similar patterns on some seashells.

Whilst doing a Google Search on the species, I came across this Yellow Shell necklace.

I love these Sallow Kitten I'm looking out for the less common Alder & Poplar Kittens!

Finally, a photograph documenting the sad demise of a Buff Tip!

Other moths present were Treble Lines (2), Muslin Moth (a grey male), Shuttle-shaped Dart, Double-sriped Pug, Monopis obviella, Brown House Moth, White-shouldered House Moth and Twenty-plume Moth.

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  1. The necklace makes me cringe as did Damien Hurst's 'art work'.