Friday, May 18, 2012

Mute Swan family

 One of the advantages of a meeting in Thorley is the opportunity to cycle along the Western Yar estuary to get there! The pair of Mute Swans at Station Pools have 6 cygnets. Here are 5 of them - I never did get that story about the ugly duckling...these look pretty cute to me!

And to add to the 'aaah factor' here's some video of all of the family!

This was the insect highlight of the day for me: my first Water Ladybird...though the Wall butterfly came pretty close!


  1. I didn't know that there were Water Ladybirds!

    The Swan family is gorgeous.

  2. I absolutely agree about the Swans, Toffeeapple - I shall be following them over the coming weeks to see how they get on!

  3. Beautiful swans, we have cygnets at sandown canoe lake too, must get down and see them.... I didnt know about water ladybirds either, thanks for educating us Steve!!
    You did well on your dawn chorus walk, spotting more than Carol and I at Alverstone, but no lagoons on our patch. We did hear a cuckoo though!!