Friday, May 4, 2012

More activity at Sett C

In view of all of the activity over recent nights, I thought I would leave the trailcam out at Sett C for one more evening.

There were various Badger sightings. Whilst doing a Badger sett survey in Bedfordshire last year we came across a sett with a golf ball that had obviously been carried back home after being found in the rough of a local golf course. I put out a golf ball here to see what would happen and, sure enough, you can see one of the badgers here rolling it about before making off with it! Another clip features a Badger digging up the front of the sett, and there's some further footage of the sow and cub. Notice that, at one point, the sow smells the back of the cub before scent-marking it with her tail raised, which obviously helps bonding and social cohesion.

Three separate Red Foxes visited the front of the sett during the night. The middle section features what I think is a very healthy-looking dog Fox, looking in excellent condition. He turned up at 10.16pm. But the sequence begins with a vixen who feeds in front of the sett at 7.53pm and ends with the mangy-looking vixen who was both the first subject on the SD card (at 6.18pm - 8 minutes after I set it up) and the last (at 4.15am). What is interesting is that the obvious teats and general condition of the vixens demonstrates that both of them are feeding cubs. I think that this would be very unusual if they are in the same social group, though I may be wrong on that. It will be interesting to get some footage of the cubs in the next few weeks.

And here's a bit of further footage of the two Brown Rats that have been around and who I strongly suspect are a pair. I've ended this sequence with a Wood Mouse that appears at 2.30am. This is the first Wood Mouse that has appeared at this site over the past few evenings and, interestingly, it appeared during a lull in activity with nothing on the cam 50 minutes before and 18 minutes afterwards.

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  1. I am really enjoying the rat and mouse shots.