Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Moths

14 species in the moth trap this morning, a haul which reminds me of a trip down the high street:

There's the opticians - with the latest must-have glasses being modelled here by The Spectacle!

...the carpet shop, this being a Garden Carpet. And then we're going to need some fruit & veg:

So we've got a Currant Pug....
Update: It's been suggested that this may be a Common Pug - any thoughts from people more knowledgeable than me gratefully accepted!

And a Cabbage Moth!
Update: Thanks to Melissa for pointing out that this is not, in fact, a Cabbage, but a Lychnis. This moth-trapping is a great way of learning humility!

Back to the serious business with a couple of unidentified micros:

This was tiny....but the palps (if that's what they are) look very unusual.

And I'm struggling with this one.
Update: Rhoman at iSpot thinks that this is a Eudonia species, the shape of the wings suggesting Eudonia angustea.

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