Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Moths

The moth species in the trap are steadily increasing now that we're getting a prolonged spell of decent weather.

This was my favourite....a beautiful Orange Footman - new for me. According to the book they're found down south & local! I love that colour!

And, talking about colour, this one is aptly-named, too - the Brimstone.

I can't work out why this one is so-named, though - Knot Grass! Any ideas?

I think that this is an Engrailed. If it is, it's a new one for me.

And a little micro. I went to iSpot for help with this one, and Douglas suggested that it was probably Monopsis obviella - it certainly looks good for that species.

Finally, this one poses an identification challenge to say the least! The general feeling seems to be that it's a somewhat jaded Angle Shades!

The other species were Shuttle-shaped Dart, Buff Tip (2), Common Quaker, Treble Lines (2), Red Twin-spot Carpet, Nut-tree Tussock.....and 5 Tachystola acroxantha...that former RDB3 species that I got excited about yesterday!! :-)


  1. What a great collection! Love the colours of the first two.

  2. You & me both! That bright creamy orange is a wonderful colour!

  3. Stephen,
    Knot-grass is probably named after Knotgrass, Polygonum aviculare, which is one of the (very many) recorded foodplants of the species. I dont have a book with derivations of the common names though I do recommend buying The Scientific Names of the British Lepidoptera their history & meaning by A Maitland Emmet if you want to know the derivation of these names. Lt Col Emmet was a classics teacher and entomologist.