Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Badgerfest at Sett A!

I set the trailcam up at Sett A yesterday evening.

This morning's footage revealed at least 8 Badgers, including 4 cubs. On this sequence you can see the numbers building. There's some interesting snickering and various sounds on all of the clips.

This video has some enjoyable scenes of the cubs exploring and playing. Again, make sure you have the sound turned right up!

I've included 2 sequences of cubs interacting with the sow. On the first clip it looks like one of the cubs backs into the sow to scent-mark her. The ensuing warble seems to indicate that someone finds this social cohesion pleasurable! The second clip shows a cub trying to climb onto the shoulders of his mum. I can't be definite, but it looks to me as if this may very well be a different sow. Maybe there are 2 mothers, one with 3 cubs and one with a single cub? Any thoughts gratefully received!

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