Thursday, May 3, 2012

Badger grooming & seeing off Rats!

 There was plenty of activity at Sett C again last night. The mangy Red Fox vixen turned up again at 6.45pm, and the other Red Fox turned up and then turned tail - true to form - just after 10pm.

This is my favourite bit of activity from the evening. The Badger emerged from the sett at 11pm and straightaway set about having a good old scratch. Badgers are well known for their grooming habits, using their incisors & claws to deal with itchy parasites! I love the classic pose with hind legs splayed towards the end of the sequence!

This sow and cub were very active, turning up from time to time from just before 9pm and through until just before 3am. The sow looks to be a different animal to the Badger that was with the cub yesterday evening. The sow seems to scent-mark the cub twice during this sequence (note the raised tail), a behaviour known as allo-marking (one Badger to another).

And what do you do when you've got unwelcome visitors at the front door? This sequence ends with a Badger seeing off 2 Brown Rats!


  1. That camera has proven its worth already hasn't it?

  2. It's been brilliant, thanks, Toffeeapple. I've put it in the same place this evening and put more food down....I hope the rechargeable batteries I've ordered arrive soon or else it will get expensive with all the action I'm getting right through every night draining the power! :-)