Friday, April 27, 2012

Wood Mouse & Bank Vole sharing a table!

Yesterday, I placed the Trailcam at Afton Marsh and nailed an apple to the floor to entice any local rodents for lunch.

A Wood Mouse and Bank Vole shared this fruity feast through most of the early hours of the morning. Here's the Wood Mouse. I love the way it folds that long tail over its back in the last clip.

And here's the Bank Vole tucking in. The fact that both the Wood Mouse and the Bank Vole are feeding in daylight demonstrates how a well-placed 'mammal table' could bring a lot of viewing pleasure during the day, especially at dawn and dusk.

And this is a bit of nighttime footage of the two diners having a bit of argy-bargy, though neither seems to be dominant. The trailcam seems to flicker a bit for some reason. Maybe the batteries need changing!


  1. It seems that hunger will make fellows of disparate creatures.

  2. I think you're absolutely right! :-)