Friday, April 20, 2012

Trailcam success!!

After several months saving up, my new basic Bushnell Trophy Cam arrived and, yesterday morning, I carefully placed it out in a local Badger run, leaving it overnight. I thought that it would take me a while before I got any decent footage, but I was excited when I collected it this morning and the mud on the casing revealed that at least some animal had been brushing against it!

And here is my very first footage - a local cat followed by 2 Jays! I had put some peanuts and seed down which resulted in some 15 different video clips as the Jays flew to and fro to this unexpected but welcome feast!

Then, just after 8.30pm, this Red Fox turned up and, a little later, there were two! Notice how alert the Fox is as soon as the Carrion Crow calls in the distance! In the early hours there is a further bit of footage, the Fox scenting the area and revealing that that particular individual was a vixen! I wonder whether the Foxes had a den either next to, or even as part of the Badger sett?

Between midnight and about 4am there were several pieces of Badger footage. In the first one here the Badger checks the trailcam out - "What's all this about then?"! [I didn't edit this clip well - there's a gap before a good clip of a Badger which comes into view at about 30 secs]

And here's something that I wasn't expecting - a Brown Rat feeding on the seed at 3am.

So, for my first session with the Trailcam, I would call this a riproaring success! I'm already thinking of various ways that I can get views of the local Stoat and Weasel population!


  1. Great stuff. The Jay's are excellent and Badger checking out the camera is brilliant :-)

  2. Quite a lot going on there, I expect you are pleased with the camera.