Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mute Swan update - Sunday

This is the sad sight that greeted me when I visited the Swans' nest this morning. The two eggs were nowhere to be seen. The Freshwater Causeway is a very busy pedestrian thoroughfare with a number of dog-walkers, ramblers and other local folk passing by each day and all I can think is that the eggs have been taken by someone for some reason. The nest is very visible and easily accessible. In Birkhead & Perrins' Helm Guide, The Mute Swan, they state, 'We have never known any predator other than humans take a swan's egg. Human predation, however, is very common, either from 'mantelpiece' collectors or from 'I dare you' types.'

It's brought home how this blog is a potential source of information and so I've decided not to comment further until it's appropriate to do so.

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