Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mute Swan update - Saturday

I'm pleased to be able to announce the arrival of the second egg in the new nest earlier today. Strong winds and persistent rains are forecast overnight, but I'm hopeful that this new nest....which continues to increase in height and girth daily....will come through!

This bit of video gives you some context for the photos that I have been posting. It begins with the male, standing on the Freshwater Causeway and then the footage shows the female as I walk past the site of the old nest that failed earlier in the week, and through the reeds to the new growing nest with its 2 eggs. When I walked past later in the afternoon, the female was sitting on the eggs while the male stood next to her pulling further beakfuls of reeds onto the nesting platform!

The fungi below was on an old branch of wood on the other side of the river. It looks like it can be identified? I'll have a look through the book tomorrow....unless someone looking at this beats me to it! :-)

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