Friday, April 27, 2012

Mute Swan update - Friday

The single egg was still in the nest at lunchtime, covered over by reeds to give a bit of protection while the female was some way upriver. I'm amazed by just how built up this nest is after such a short time from the beginning of its construction.

I picked the trailcam up at 2.30pm this afternoon from where I had left it (see previous post). I learned this morning that the Wood Mouse and Bank Vole had been feeding on the apple until just before I took the SD card away, a little before 7.15am. The latest information reveals that the Bank Vole was feeding again within 3 minutes of me leaving and was still feeding a couple of minutes before I arrived! Of course, it may be more than one Bank Vole, but the only period of inactivity apart from a couple of 15 minute breaks was between 7.45-9.19am and 11.06am-13.07pm, just before I arrived! The Wood Mouse also arrived from time to time for the first hour or two after I had gone. This backs up what I was saying about observing mammals during the day in the previous post....a challenge to obtain some half-decent video footage in the not-too-distant future!

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