Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lesser Whitethroat

This Lesser Whitethroat was enjoying a period of sunny intervals at Golden Hill Country Park yesterday morning, rattling away as he explored the scrub. They're renowned for keeping to deep cover so I was pleased to get some video of this individual out in the open. This neat little ball of feathers has made its way here from Africa, even crossing the Sahara during its journey.

I think these birds look really neat, a stylish version of the Common Whitethroat which is also starting to appear locally. It's not so easy to see in the video footage, but the darker colour of the plumage through the eyes and cheeks resembles a 'bandit's mask' which is absent on the Common Whitethroat.

My first Isle of Wight Whimbrel was on the Western Yar Estuary late afternoon.

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  1. What a pretty little creature, you were lucky to catch it in the open.