Monday, April 23, 2012

Common Shrew

The last few nights I have had the Trailcam situated at a Water Vole feeding site under a big clump of grass. I've encouraged the Water Vole to visit the site again by nailing an apple into the soil but, unfortunately, I haven't picked up anything apart from this brief visit from a Common Shrew (you have to look closely at the bottom right-hand corner):

It definitely prefers worms and other small invertebrates to apples! I will have to do a bit of small mammal trapping as soon as this weather starts to improve!

Update: Following comments from Dave & Toffeeapple, I've looked through the video slowly, using the pause button, and I now reckon that, although the first clip is a Common Shrew, the second clip features a Bank Vole. Any further comments gratefully appreciated! :-)


  1. More like LGJ (Little Grey Job)! Your eye sight must be good :-)

  2. Crikey, how can you tell the difference?!

  3. Hi Dave & Toffeeapple,
    Following your comments I've had another look at the video, using the pause to study it a section at a time. I now reckon that the first visitor is a Common Shrew - when the video is paused in the right place you can see how long the nose and face is. A Pygmy Shrew would be even smaller in relation to the size of the apple - but the second clip looks like a Bank Vole. The nose is markedly blunt and the animal is a different build. Any further thoughts gratefully received!
    Best wishes to you both,