Sunday, April 29, 2012

Afton Marsh Rodents

Last night I had the Trailcam out at Afton Marsh again, with another one of Carole's favourite apples to entice the local rodent population!

I'd also thrown down a few peanuts and seeds etc. This footage shows a Bank Vole making off with as much as the small stuff as possible to put into storage before starting on the apple. At the end of the clip you can see the Bank Vole feeding during this morning's heavy rain....concluding with a brief clip of the area when I arrived to find it flooded and the Trailcam sitting in the water. Fortunately, it proved that it is watertight!

This clip features two Wood Mice. The first one appears just before 8.30pm as the local All Saints' bellringers engage in a bit of campanology!

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