Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Having missed getting some footage of the Adder in Bedfordshire at the weekend, I decided to catch up with the Adders above Freshwater Bay.

 The Adders here are located in the midst of some beautiful countryside!

This Adder suddenly cottoned on to the fact that it was being watched. Normally the eye is a coppery colour. The fact that the eyes of this individual are pale eye suggests that the old skin is starting to come away and that it will this slough (shed its skin) in the next couple of days.

This Adder, on the other side of the road close to the National Trust car park has the normal eye colour which you can just make out.

This Racing Pigeon was having a breather on the side of the golf course. It allowed me to sit next to it, but when I reached down to pick it up, wondering if it might be injured, it took off and shot into the distance on the next leg of its journey north!

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