Monday, March 26, 2012


Our holiday lived up to all of our expectations and more....and that went for the Choughs, too!

For some reason I can't upload photographs to the blog at the moment, but here's a bit of video:

I had spent a few hours late in the afternoon walking along the coastal path in a fruitless search for the Choughs before returning to The Lizard National Trust car park alongside the lighthouse where mine was the last car. Suddenly, several Choughs flew onto the car park and started searching for worms on the grass close to me. I had to laugh!

After disappearing from The Lizard a number of years previously, 3 Choughs turned up again in 2001 and 2 of them started breeding, the beginning of a growing population of these fascinating birds!


  1. Nice video Steve, looking forward to seing some of your photos!

  2. Thanks, Dave. I still can't upload photos...maybe I've got to my limit, but nothing's telling me so. I'll keep trying and hope it sorts itself! Best wishes, Steve.