Friday, March 2, 2012

The Weekend Browse....

I've spent hours this week watching quietly for a sight of our local Water Voles with just one brief glimpse to show for it. The river will liven up a bit over the next few weeks but, in the meantime, there are several websites that I've enjoyed exploring. The Brook Meadow Conservation Group have already been getting a number of sightings this year with some brilliant accompanying photographs. Further north the Whitchurch Community Water Vole Project has some interesting information on its website. Kate is also in Whitchurch and gets as excited as me about Water Vole latrines on her website, 'About A Brook'. And 'Views of the Ock' also has some great Water Vole material, including video of a Water Vole climbing the branches of a tree overhanging the river as part of the 2011 review submitted on 29th December.
If you run a moth trap and get confused between your Chestnuts & Dark Chestnuts, Steve Whitehouse has written a great article - Challenging Chestnuts - just for you!
If you’re fascinated in mammal poo like me you will enjoy reading about the research carried out into Otter spraint collected by volunteers in North Wales & Ireland as part of the MISE project. Evidence for 23 different prey items were found including crabs, birds & mice! The Countryside Council For Wales explain what went on here.
BBC Wildlife are giving away 6 copies of Tim Birkhead's book Bird Sense. All you need to do to put yourself in with a chance of winning a copy is to sign up.
Peter Friend has written the latest New Naturalist Volume. It's number 119 and the subject is Scotland. The NHBS has a review.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Just come across your lovely blog. Im Dave from Sandown (Well, Lake actually!!)My wife Carol and I have always loved the outdoors, and we became interested in birding just over a year ago. I have added your blog to my list. Loved the pictures of the Teal. We were in Yarmouth last weekend, and had a lovely walk along the old railway line, its a lovely walk. Check out my blog at:
    Take care, Dave

  2. Hi there, Dave,

    Thanks for your comment and your encouragement. I enjoyed looking through your blog and I've added it to the IOW blogroll on my site. Perhaps Carole and I will meet you and Carole in this beautiful countryside some time!! Do keep in touch,
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Steve,
    Yes, that would be nice to meet up sometime, we are planning a visit to west wight again soon.
    Good to find a local on here who posts to his blog on a regular basis, always nice to see what other locals are up to. Im afraid Im a bit lazy with my blog, I dont update it as often as I should.
    Lovely squirrel video posted today!
    Take care,