Friday, March 30, 2012

Rabbits and Stingers!

Yesterday, whilst exploring a small copse alongside The Causeway at Freshwater, I came across a young rabbit in the undergrowth who was quite unconcerned at my presence:

I was interested to see the Rabbit foraging on Stinging Nettles. It seems to be enjoying the young tender leaves in the centre of the plant.

I had a look on Wiki-answers where someone had asked if it was ok to feed their rabbit Stinging Nettles. The reply came back: "I should think not. Definitely don't try it!! Maybe if it was bought from a pet shop as a treat. But not a wild one from your garden!"

Other people are not quite so vociferous but, certainly as far as domesticated Rabbits go, most people seem to steer clear of feeding them Nettles.

The stinging hairs of the Nettle are designed to deter grazing animals, releasing chemicals that irritate the skin....but I notice that this Rabbit seems to be almost licking the underside of the leaf on occasions...perhaps it likes the tingling sensation!

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