Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moths, Badgers, Water Voles & Turnstones!

The weather's turned cold and dull again, which gives me chance to share a few bits and pieces from the last few days.
The moth trap had a 'soggy bottom' yesterday morning and contained this Hebrew Character, which was being kept company by 11 Small Quakers!

I noticed a bigger snuffle hole than usual in the lawn over the weekend, with a smaller wormhole in the centre disappearing into the depths. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to repair it before Carole saw it....and recognised it as having been caused by my friendly Badger! To be fair, she was really good about it.....but the hole under the fence has now been blocked up with several pieces of sandstone....just leaving enough room for a future Hedgehog to squeeze through and take possession of the Hedgehog house that I've positioned just the other side of the fence.

The Water Voles have still proved to be disappointingly elusive. I did have my second brief sighting, though. At the weekend I was waiting to film a furtive Cetti's Warbler when a Water Vole suddenly crossed the path about 10m to my right and disappeared into the reeds...What's that about??!! :-)

If you haven't already done so, make sure you go outside on a clear night to watch the amazing conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that's taking place in the western sky at the moment. They were at their closest yesterday evening. And if you look at Jupiter (the less bright one) through a telescope, you'll even be able to see its 4 moons.

 Finally, a little bit more footage of the Turnstones at Yarmouth from last week. I could spend hours watching them!


  1. Thanks for the info re. the planets. I've been wondering which planets they were.

  2. Hi Christian
    Earlier this week I found this site: which will tell you all you want to know on any planets or stars around on any given night - I think it's brilliant!
    Best wishes,