Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last Night's Moths

I thought that it was about time I tried putting out the moth trap again last night.

This Pebble Prominent was a surprise. According to the books there are two generations, the first flying from May to June. That makes this one - 28th March - pretty early!
Update 30th March: At the moment it looks like the previous earliest record for this species in Hants & the Isle of Wight is 6th April 2011!

Not a good photo (so what's new then!). I'm assuming that this is a Double-striped Pug??

The other occupants of the trap were:
Emmelina monodactyla - 2.
Light Brown Apple Moth - 1.
Early Grey - 3.
Common Quaker - 1.
Small Quaker - 5.
Hebrew Character - 1.

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